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International container shipping

Overseas transportation is one of the most important ways of delivery nowadays primarily thanks to low cost, as well as the greatest safety of the transported goods. The high speed of delivery is achieved through a combination of different types of transport : sea transport, railway transport, road transport. Economical efficiency of cargo shipping is provided by exception extra steps of loading and off-load. Your cargo which is placed into the container at departure point will stay in it till the point of destination. Such a way of transportation guarantees complete safety to your cargo. Because of special scheme of fixing cargo is fastened well in the container and this helps to avoid accidental damage. Besides, you can be sure that goods transported in sealed container will remain the same.
Our team can offer you following:
  • Profitable rates for international container transportation services
  • Complete complex of customs clearance of the goods in container
  • Оrganization of the further transportation of containers by railway/road transport through the territory of Russian Federation
  • Intra port forwarding
  • Selection of the optimal route for saving your money
  • Fixed terminal costs in rubles
Our advantages:
For 8 years of work we have developed a number of competitive advantages
The exchange rate on 10.08.2022
for 1 $
60.32 rub.
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61.16 rub.
for 100 ¥
44.55 rub.
The yuan
for 1 Ұ
8.96 rub.
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