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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is very important and serious process in the structure of foreign trade transaction. It is no less important than organization of purchase and delivery of goods, that's why this task should be assigned to experts who have sufficient knowledges of the customs legislation and experience of dealing with great amount of documents. Our company's employees have exclusive competence in matters of customs clearance and will be happy to prepare full pack of documents, optimize customs payments and shorten the time line for prompt receive of goods.
Our advantages:
For 8 years of work we have developed a number of competitive advantages
The exchange rate on 30.06.2022
for 1 $
51.16 rub.
for 1
53.86 rub.
for 100 ¥
37.59 rub.
The yuan
for 1 Ұ
7.7 rub.
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